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Who are we and What we do.

OFF STEP is an initiative to enhance the academic excellence of students by helping them out to prepare for the upcoming Entrance Examinations after their board exams. We aim to provide comprehensive aid through the thorough Assessment Series.

Schools nurture kids from childhood by helping them develop their character,knowledge as well as personality. But during the final stage of their growth, children go to coaching institutes to get additional facilities which schools are unable to provide as of now because they already have so much pressure on them to prepare students for Board Exams.

Due to this gap, they end up going to a coaching institute which just provide the facilities. IT IS ALWAYS THE STUDENT AND THE SCHOOL WHO PUT IN EFFORTS,but when he/she gets success, COACHING INSTITUTES take away all the CREDIT and THUNDER from school and the child.

At OFF STEP, we aim to prevent coaching institutes from hogging the limelight from schools. We are trying to fill the gap by providing schools with all the facilities they need to ensure that along with Best Class TEACHING FACILITIES, they can also ensure that students are well equipped to face the entrance examinations of prestigious institutions.

We are no Coaching Institute, we wholly want schools to get the recognition they deserve.

Idea behind OFF STEP

1.Because we believe that School is the place for holistic development - - A school has to be a site for overall development of a student. Thus, we believe that every training right from academic, cultural to competitive has to be rendered by the school itself so as to save both time and money.
2. Today’s competition demand edge cutting practice– Clearing entrance exams need crystal clear concept clarity. However a rigorous and thorough practise remains the determining factor for making it through any entrance.
3.Thorough Self-Assessment is the only way to improve one’s performance- An assessment series of OFF STEP provides ample opportunities to a student to analyse his performance through learning curve and ranking.

Here is an insight of what we are providing.

Schools already have pressure on them to prepare students for board exams, so they lack in providing facilities to students for preparing them for entrance exams. We help schools provide those facilities too.

How does it benefit a student?

1. UNIT WISE DETAILED ASSESSSMENT - Through an assessment series, a student can check his level of preparation for a topic and then guided by EXPERTS to improve upon them.
2. RIGOROUS PRACTISE FOR ENTRANCE EXAMINATION- Each Assessment shall comprise of a number of questions which shall be enough for a particular topic and cover all the concepts.
3. REDUCES EXTRA BURDEN OF SEEKING AFTER SUBSIDIARY SOURCES (coaching) – The Assessment series is designed to render self sufficiency to a student so that s/he does not have to rush to coaching for wastage of both money and time.
4. GOOD WAY OF SELF ANALYSIS THROUGH OVER ALL RANK AND LEARNING CURVE – The generated system shall be showing performance analysis of a student based on an assessment taken, thus, helping them to analyse their performance.

How does it benefit a School?

1. REAL EVALUATION OF CLASSROOM TEACHING - Through OFFSTEP assessment series, schools can analyse the level of benefits which a student is getting from regular classroom studies.
2. PREPARING STUDENTS FOR COMPETITION WITHOUT EXTRA BURDEN- The integrated system is totally self sufficient, thus, a school does not need to carry any burden for the same.
3. EVALUATION OF ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE OF A STUDENT – Schools can keep a better eye for thorough academic improvement of a student.

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